Hygiene and sanitation of agricultural and food processing plants, hotel and restaurant facilities.

We are a purely Czech company engaged in the development, production and distribution of chemicals for cleaning and disinfection in agriculture, food industry, hotel and restaurant facilities.
We invest a significant part of our resources in our own development, approval and registration of new products.

Our long-term knowledge of hygiene and sanitation in agricultural and industrial plants allows us to adapt our offer to current needs. We provide our customers with free advisory service for introducing new products.

1. 7. 2021 - Given the misleading information that appears on the market, we consider it necessary to confirm that Ms. Marta Rybová and Mr. Alexandr Straka are exclusively our sales representatives for South and West Bohemia. Contacts can be found here .


Sanitation is an integral part of sanitary measures. It is a preventive measure to reduce the possible contamination, growth and activity of undesirable microorganisms. Cleaning and disinfection are two separate but inseparable processes which together form a remediation procedure and must be carried out systematically and regularly.

We offer complete hygiene solutions, including consulting and development of sanitation plans, which must include several separate operations:

  • mechanical removal of coarse dirt from the environment and equipment to be remediated
  • wetting surfaces with potable water
  • application of working solution of cleaning agent
  • rinse with drinking water
  • application of disinfectant working solution
  • final rinse with drinking water.

We do business predominantly through our own sales representatives, as well as through a sales distribution network of breeding organizations, milking equipment manufacturers and independent sales representatives.
Our expert consultants will help you achieve the best results, the lowest cost production and the highest profits from your production.


Wide range of products for hygiene, sanitation and disinfection in agriculture.


An extensive network of sales representatives throughout the country.


Distribution of accompanying equipment to ensure the hygiene of operations.