Area and spatial sanitation

Area sanitation of the stable environment has long become a common part of the hygiene system in our farms. Microbiological pressure from the environment in which farmed animals live has a large share in their health. Reducing the microbiological load on the environment is especially necessary in farms where there is a high concentration of animals in the stable or where the animals are experiencing frequent diseases caused by microorganisms from the environment.
Another important point is regular cleaning of the milking parlor and its equipment. Only in a perfectly clean environment is it possible to obtain milk of the highest quality.

Area and spatial sanitation

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Depros FF

Disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium compounds and glutaraldehyde. - fungicidal - bactericidal - virucidal - sporocidal - reliably destroys a wide range of bacteria and fungi - supplied in application concentration to create mist - recommended spray nozzle size 0.8 mm recommended dosing is 2 - 4 l DEPROS FF / 1000 m3 of sanitized area (can be...

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