Circulation, spray and immersion cleaning (CIP)

Comprehensive range of CIP circuit cleaning products. These alkaline or acidic sanitizers are characterized by low foaming, high efficiency in hard water and excellent rinsability. The high quality of the devices enables their gentle application, which also reduces the direct costs of the CIP process and negative environmental impacts.

Circulation, spray and immersion cleaning (CIP)

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Depros A

Concentrated alkaline cleaner with active chlorine for parlors, piping systems, robots, cooling tanks and crate washers. Solution of active substances in water. - achieves excellent cleaning effects, especially for organic impurities (oils, fats, proteins) - contains sequestering additives for efficiency even in hard water cleaning ability from 40° C -...

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Depros K

Cleansing and disinfecting of milking equipment, dairy pipes, robots, storage and cooling tanks - concentrated acid non-foaming cleaning agent based on active oxygen phosphoric acid - cleans to a high gloss - removes in particular inorganic deposits (scale and milky stone) - emulsifies fats and proteins - increased washing and cleaning ability from...

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Reference: G12186

Dilac CIP

Acidic cleanser and disinfectant. Dissolves inorganic deposits very well, breaks down organic deposits oxidatively. The disinfectant is based on active oxygen. It is used in the food industry for cleaning by circulation, soaking or spraying, eg for sanitation of tanks, reservoirs, tanks, containers, milk tanks and piping systems. Packing: 25kg Safety Data...

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Divomil RD

Chlorinated alkaline sanitizer with silicates. Divomil RD is a low-foaming, alkaline, chlorine- and silicate-based product suitable for soft water. Used for CIP and other spray applications in the food and beverage industry. Divomil RD is also suitable for manual and dip bath cleaning in meat processing plants and bakery applications. Packing: 24,8kg...

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Reference: G12258

Divostar VC3

CIP Cleaner. A special sequestering additive for CIP cleaning, spray cleaning and bottle washing in the food industry. It easily removes all types of organic impurities, especially fats, proteins, oils, plant extracts, etc. Packing: 20kg Safety Data Sheet

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Effective non-fuming acid cleaner for deposits. Strongly acidic nitric acid cleaner for CIP cleaning of tanks, tanks, piping systems, plate heat exchangers, filters, centrifuges and evaporators. Easily penetrates all inorganic deposits such as limescale, milk and beer, and removes them quickly and completely. Packing: 26kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G12122

Bruspray Acid

CIP cleaning, immersion cleaning and washing of KEG barrels. It contains phosphoric acid, which easily penetrates into inorganic deposits and quickly and completely removes them. Can be used in all food products, is non-foaming, easy to rinse. Packing: 27,6kg Safety Data Sheet

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High performance acid cleaner for CIP. Bacteriostatic acid cleaner for low-pressure spray cleaning and for CIP cleaning of tanks, tanks and piping systems, particularly in the atmosphere or under carbon dioxide pressure. Packing: 26,6kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G11894

Divosan OSA-N

Divosan OSA-N is a concentrated, low-foaming, acid-free phosphate-free detergent and disinfectant especially suitable for single-stage acid sanitization in CIP applications in the beverage, dairy and meat industries. Packing: 23kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G12209

Divo CIP

High-performance chlorinated alkaline sanitizer. Active chlorine-based disinfectant for the removal of organic impurities and deposits in the food industry, particularly in the meat, dairy and poultry industries. To remove burned and hardened protein impurities. Packing: 24,8kg Safety Data Sheet

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