Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection solutions to reduce the risk of infection.
Disinfecting surfaces for food and other industries, or disinfecting tools to prevent the spread of infections and bacteria.


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Depros FF

Disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium compounds and glutaraldehyde. - fungicidal - bactericidal - virucidal - sporocidal - reliably destroys a wide range of bacteria and fungi - supplied in application concentration to create mist - recommended spray nozzle size 0.8 mm recommended dosing is 2 - 4 l DEPROS FF / 1000 m3 of sanitized area (can be...

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Divosan Extra

Highly effective surface disinfectant, KAS base. Final surface disinfectant in the food, beverage and dairy industries. Packing: 20kg Safety Data Sheet

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Divosan Forte

Disinfectant based on 15% peracetic acid. Highly effective disinfectant for use in the food, beverage and dairy industries. Easy to rinse, effective against a wide range of microorganisms, especially for final disinfection. Excellent deodorant and stain removal. Packing: 23kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G10929

Tego 2000

Concentrated disinfectant for surfaces. For surface disinfection in the food and pharmaceutical industries, especially in food processing, beverage, cosmetics, etc. Wide spectrum of efficiency. Packing: 5kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G12246

Divosan Hypochlorite

Active chlorine disinfectant Especially suitable for cold disinfection in all areas of the food industry. Reliably destroys a wide range of microorganisms and suppresses degradation processes, thus preventing odor. Application by spraying, circulation (CIP) or manually. < / p> Packing: 23,6kg Safety Data Sheet

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Excellent rinsing-free ethanol-based disinfection - application best with a syringe without dilution (1: 1 can be used to prevent) or applied with a clean cloth - excellent for gram-positive and gram-negative forms of bacteria and yeasts - disinfection of washable surfaces, equipment and objects in contact with food - disinfection of places where it...

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Alcosan is an alcohol-based disinfectant that also contains small amounts of organic sequestering substances and quaternary ammonium compounds. - recommended especially where water-based disinfectants cannot or are not recommended - works to vegetative forms of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and yeast Packing: 4,8kg Safety Data Sheet

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Suredis VT1

A composition based on alkylamino compounds and betaines that are in an alkaline buffer system. Suitable for final disinfection of surfaces in the food industry, Not for CIP stations (due to foaming). Suredis is a highly effective means for the terminal disinfection of open surfaces used in the food, dairy and beverage industries. The components that make...

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Reference: G11471

Divosan Activ

Suitable for agricultural and food sanitation Highly effective peracetic acid disinfectant - effective against a wide range of microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, spores, molds, viruses) - in CIP Cold disinfection, teat cup disinfection Store in original containers at 5 - 25 ° C. Packing: 22kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G11855

Divosan HS 35

Aseptic Spray Disinfectant. Special stabilized hydrogen peroxide solution designed for sterilization of beverage cartons and plastic packaging materials for aseptic spray applications. Can also be used for disinfection in CIP applications Packing: 22,6kg Safety Data Sheet

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Ethanol-based hand disinfectant. Ethanol is an effective disinfectant that affects both permanent and transient microflora of the skin. It also contains moisturizers that take care of the skin. It can therefore be recommended where frequent hand washing is required. It is used in healthcare and in the treatment of the hands of workers who come into...

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Persteril 5

Disinfectant, highly effective biocide with extensive application possibilities and environmentally friendly. A balanced solution of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, stabilizer, and water. Persteril® has a highly reliable effect across the entire disinfectant spectrum of ABCTMV - bactericidal - fungicidal - sporicidal - virucidal -...

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