Cleaning of smokehouses

Everyone knows how difficult it is to clean grates or grills after use. Professional products will save you work from the unpleasant consequences of baking, grilling or smoking. We offer concentrated products to remove even the most persistent deposits and grease in smokehouses, combi ovens and grills.

Cleaning of smokehouses

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Brand: Palmax s.r.o.

Palmfoam Acid

Very efficient surface cleaning (can be cleaned and disinfected in one step) Dense, stable PALMFOAM foams Applications - high or low pressure equipment, manual application, immersion - acidic high-performance foam - removes inorganic deposits, (limescale) - emulsifies fats and protein residues Packing: 23kg | 230kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G12367

Brand: Diversey s.r.o.

HD Plusfoam

Alkaline Smoke Remover. Liquid, strongly alkaline foam cleaner. Used for cleaning cooking and smoking cabinets, but also for cleaning other heavily soiled surfaces in meat, poultry, bakery, etc. Packing: 28kg Safety Data Sheet

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