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Reference: G10018


Alkaline powder cleaner with defoamer. Breltak is an alkaline powder detergent with an antifoam to remove stubborn inorganic and organic impurities and deposits. Packing: 25kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: 7514131

SUMA Drain

For fat loss in waste systems. Liquid, highly concentrated, micro-organism preparation for the degradation of fats and other organic substances in waste systems. It also provides preventive treatment of waste systems and reduces odor generation. Packing: 20l. Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G12460

TM 90

Universal cleaner. Liquid alkaline cleaner for spray, high pressure and floor cleaning Due to its composition it effectively cleans and degreases and is gentle on construction materials Packing: 20l. Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G11884

SUMA Inox Classic D7

Inox Classic D7 is a product for the treatment of stainless steel surfaces such as countertops, shelves, doors, refrigerators, removable covers, dishwashers, etc. Contains a special oil blend for long-term protection and shine. It is used on all stainless steel surfaces not intended for food preparation. Advantages and benefits: Protects and polishes...

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