Hand washing dishes

Dishwashing detergents suitable for domestic use. Concentrated dishwashing preparations. Highly effective, gentle on the skin - containing glycerin. Ideal for professional use. Abrasive cleaners (cleaning creams) for cleaning kitchen surfaces, pots, pans, tiles, bathtubs and washbasins. Means for mechanical and manual cleaning of beer glass.

Hand washing dishes

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LADI for dishes

Dishwashing detergent suitable for home use. It is produced in two commercial varieties, perfumed with kiwi and lemon. Packing: 1l. | 5kg | 20kg Safety Data Sheet

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LADI Plus for dishes

Concentrated dishwashing detergent for home and professional use. Highly effective, skin-friendly, concentrated detergent contains glycerine. It is produced in two commercial varieties - orange, lemon and strawberry. Packing: 500ml. | 1l. | 5kg | 20kg Safety Data Sheet

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LADI universal detergent

Universal detergent for washing dishes, tiles and floors with flower perfume. Suitable for home use. Packing: 1l. | 5l. Safety Data Sheet

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SUMA Star D1

Detergent for all kinds of dishes. Contains a mixture of anionic surfactants to remove grease and dried food residues. The dishes are easy to rinse and dry without streaks after washing. Packing: 5l. Safety Data Sheet

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SUMA Star Plus D1

Neutral, concentrated hand dishwashing detergent. Highly concentrated neutral liquid detergent for manual washing of all kinds of dishes, kitchen equipment and other washable surfaces. The content of foaming surfactants guarantees its high washing and degreasing efficiency. Rinses well, has a pleasant citrus aroma. Advantages and benefits: - Highly...

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DYNAMIC beer glass cleaner

Highly concentrated detergent for machine and manual washing of beer glass. The product leaves the surface of the glasses uncoated and odorless. Packing: 1l. | 5kg Safety Data Sheet

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