Machine dishwashing

Modern detergents help to quickly and efficiently clean kitchen utensils, which greatly speeds up the solution of everyday problems. We offer liquid detergent and rinse aid for professional use in machine dishwashing.

Machine dishwashing

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Regenerated tablet salt. Prevents scale build-up in washing machines and dishwashers. Makes detergents more efficient. Adding to the detergent at each wash prevents the lime from getting into the fabrics of your clothes, making it soft and fluffy, while avoiding the formation of limestone in the washing line. That's why it gives your clothes and...

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SUMA Alu L10

Highly concentrated for machine washing of aluminum dishes. Especially suitable for washing in soft and medium hard water. Contains a mixture of alkalis and corrosion inhibitors to ensure effective removal of dirt and the possibility of use on light metals (aluminum, silver). Packing: 20l. Safety Data Sheet

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SUMA Mega L52

Concentrated alkaline machine dishwashing detergent for use in the Divojet wash zone. Direct spraying on the cleaned surface results in a high application concentration, which guarantees excellent washing efficiency even against persistent organic impurities including protein deposits and starch coatings. Use in double and multi-chamber dishwashers. For...

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SUMA Active M20

Machine dishwashing detergent - manual dosing. Highly concentrated alkaline powder for machine dishwashing for manual dosing. It can also be used for washing aluminum and stainless steel dishes. It has a high washing efficiency even with heavy soiling. Well soluble in water, stable and non-clotting under storage conditions. Advantages and benefits: -...

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Machine wash and rinse aid. Machine dishwashing and rinse aid for manual dosing. Unique solution for washing and rinsing in one soluble bag. The J-Watcher ™ Floating Probe ensures controlled dosing without installing the device. The product is specially developed for small dishwashers, eg with front load and for built-in dishwashers. Dosage: one bag is...

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SUMA Bar L66

Prostředek pro strojní mytí skla a skleněného nádobí. Vysoce koncentrovaný prostředek na strojní mytí skla a skleněného nádobí. Má vysokou mycí a čisticí účinnost, zaručuje spolehlivý mycí účinek i při silném znečištění. Snadno oplachovatelný. Přednosti a výhody: - zajistí vždy čisté nádobí - speciálně pro skleněné nádobí - snadné a přesné dávkování...

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SUMA Bac D10

Universal disinfectant with disinfectant (KAS) A product for one-step cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces that come into direct contact with food and which need to be disinfected. Advantages: - cleans and disinfects in one step when used as directed - releases grease and dried food remains - bactericidal activity (A) , helps raise hygiene...

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SUMA Bac D10 concentrate

Universal detergent with disinfectant (KAS) Suma Bac D10 variant in higher concentration. For its dosing is used Divermite S dispenser, which ensures controlled and economical dosing. It comes in a special package - a bag with a sealed cap. Advantages and benefits: - highly concentrated - economical to use - one-step cleaning and disinfection -...

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SUMA Nova L6

Highly concentrated alkaline detergent for machine washing. It has a high sequestering capacity against calcium and magnesium ions causing water hardness, making it suitable for use in hard water areas. It has high washing and cleaning efficiency and guarantees a reliable washing effect even with heavy soiling. Advantages and benefits: - Removes grease...

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