Cleaning convection ovens and grills

Highly effective cleaning products for kitchen equipment. Fully professional cleaning agents for grills and convection ovens.
Liquid detergents for spray cleaning of combi ovens and baking pipes. They reduce the physical work involved in maintaining baking equipment contaminated by food burns or baking products.

Cleaning convection ovens and grills

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Palmfoam Plus

Foam Cleaner. Suitable for foam cleaning on heavily soiled surfaces. Can be used to remove tar and smoke resins in smokehouses and grills. Packing: 27kg Safety Data Sheet

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SUMA Grill Hi-temp D9.8

High-temperature grill and oven cleaner that removes grease and burnt residues from hot surfaces. Also suitable for mini clams, panini grills, flat grills and toasters. No need to wait until grill / oven cools - reduces downtime. Environmentally friendly, including aluminum. Packing: 2l. | 20l. Safety Data Sheet

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SUMA Grill D9

Highly effective alkaline cleaner for the regular cleaning of convection ovens, grills, deep fryers, stoves and baking ovens. Easily removes burnt food remains. Advantages and benefits: - Easily removes burnt food remains - Foaming nozzle ensures proper application Packing: 2l. Safety Data Sheet

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