Cleaning of coffee machines

Maintenance is required for trouble-free operation of the coffee machine. This consists not only of cleaning the device from the outside, but also from the inside. Regular activities include decalcification of the coffee machine, a process of descaling.
We offer products for trouble-free everyday cleaning of coffee machines from scale, various deposits, as well as coffee stains.

Cleaning of coffee machines

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SUMA Café Clean C2.4

Alkaline cleaner containing active chlorine, which allows effective removal of stains especially from coffee, tea, milk, cocoa, etc. The product contains agents that prevent scale buildup and coating on coffee machines caused by hard water. Advantages: - Effectively removes stains from coffee, tea, cocoa and milk - Easily mixes with water and...

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SUMA Café MilkClean C3.1

Phosphate-free acid cleaner for the dairy circuit cleaning of traditional coffee machines or espresso machines and their accessories. Suitable for cleaning milk jets, measuring cups and other parts of the milk system within automatic coffee machines. A mixture of organic acids and surfactants effectively removes deposits. Immediately mix with water and...

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SUMA Café Powder C2.1

Phosphate-free cleaning powder for everyday use. Suitable for all types of traditional espresso machines. Cleaning powder is suitable for flushing, soaking and cleaning all removable coffee machine parts, including brewing units. Packing: 566g Safety Data Sheet

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SUMA Café Autotab C1.3

Phosphate-free tablets for daily cleaning and easy rinsing of espresso machines. Packed and designed to suit a wide range of traditional and fully automatic espresso machines. They are also designed to soak all removable parts of the coffee machine. Cleaning / Rinsing: 1 tbl / cleaning Soaking: 2 tbl / 1L water Brewing units: 2 tbl / 1L water Packing:...

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