Divermite ROOM CARE

Divermite offers maximum efficiency by delivering high-quality hospitality and food service cleaners as highly concentrated liquids.
The Divermite compact product line ensures a high level of cleanliness with exceptional value for money in use.

Divermite ROOM CARE

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Reference: 7518603

ROOMCARE R9 - bathroom cleaner

Ideal for regular cleaning of washable, acid-resistant surfaces. Effectively removes common dirt and reduces scale deposits by regular use. Packing: 750ml.

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Reference: G11772

ROOMCARE R5 - Air Freshener

Used in enclosed rooms to refresh the air and suppress unpleasant odors, especially from tobacco. Gently spray, has a long-lasting effect and pleasant intense perfume. Packing: 750ml.

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Reference: G11667

ROOMCARE R4 - furniture polish

Used for cleaning and polishing furniture and other items with wooden, veneered, lacquered, polished or matt finish. It cleans, polishes to a radiant shine and protects, dries quickly, leaving no greasy surface. Pleasant perfume. Packing: 750ml.

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Reference: 1666

ROOMCARE R3 - čistící prostředek na sklo

Používá se na pravidelné mytí a leštění omyvatelných povrchů např. na okna, skla, zrcadla, obklady, glazurovanou keramiku apod. Čistí do zářivého lesku, snadno odstraní nečistoty a otisky prstů, rychle osychá a nezanechává šmouhy. Příjemná parfemace Balení: 750ml.

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Reference: 100863405

ROOMCARE R1 - toilet cleaner

To sanitize and remove deposits from toilets, urinals and other urine containers. R1 is slightly viscous, which promotes perfect adhesion to the surface even on vertical walls. Pleasant perfume and high hygiene standards. Packing: 750ml.

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