Liquid universal detergent, suitable for home use on all types of laundry. Liquid detergents for professional use „Plus“, laundries, sewage plants, etc. Very easily degradable in all waste water treatment plants. Concentrated fabric softeners with a pleasant floral scent. Your laundry after washing will be beautifully soft, soft and fragrant. The fabric softener will give your laundry the necessary flexibility while making ironing easier.


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Regenerated tablet salt. Prevents scale build-up in washing machines and dishwashers. Makes detergents more efficient. Adding to the detergent at each wash prevents the lime from getting into the fabrics of your clothes, making it soft and fluffy, while avoiding the formation of limestone in the washing line. That's why it gives your clothes and...

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LADI Plus liquid detergent

Liquid detergent for professional use, especially for laundries, dry cleaners, etc. Very degradable in WWTP Packing: 1kg | 5kg | 20kg Safety Data Sheet

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LADI fabric softener

Fabric softener with a pleasant floral scent. Your laundry will be beautifully soft, fragrant and flexible after washing. Packing: 3kg | 5kg | 20kg Safety Data Sheet

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