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Before milking

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Deprosan Premix

High-efficiency broad-spectrum disinfection of the mammary gland based on chlorhexidine and isopropanol. - highly effective disinfectant before milking - does not contain aggressive oxidants (eg iodine, hydrogen peroxide) that can irritate the teat skin - contains a unique system of substances that moisturize, soften the skin and thus the skin gets rid...

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Deprosan Dualfoam

Foam, highly effective milk gland treatment before milking - based on isopropanol, chlorhexidine digluconate with a high content of glycerol - forms a dense and durable foam - contains substances that moisturize the skin , soften and soften - supple skin gets rid of dirt much better - does not thin - easy application - reliably prepares the mammary...

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Deprosan Iodofoam

Foaming agent based on PVP iodine and alcohol, designed to treat and disinfect the mammary gland before and after milking - based on povidone iodine and alcohol - forms a dense, permanent foam does not dilute, has healing effects Packing: 20kg | 200kg Safety Data Sheet

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Means for the treatment and disinfection of the mammary gland before milking based on quaternary compounds. It does not contain iodine and does not dry out the skin. - reliably prepares the udder for self-milking - removes impurities from the udder surface without skin irritation - softening effect on the teats (contains lanolin and glycerin) - supple...

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