Industrial sanitation is a complex of sanitary measures for cleaning and disinfection at all stages of production, including technological processes for the production and storage of food products, as well as personal hygiene for staff.

Particularly high hygiene requirements are placed on surfaces that have direct contact with food in the production process. These are the internal surfaces of technological equipment, various containers, pipes, containers, packaging, tools, inventory, cutting tables and boards, cooling equipment and vehicles. It is also very important to adhere to the conditions of storage, transport and sale of finished products, excluding re-introduction of micro-organisms.

Only the integrated approach to address issues of hygiene in production and keeping it at the right level will achieve high results in the production of quality products. Achieving advanced levels of industrial sanitation is impossible without using modern detergents and disinfectants .


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Acidic Foam Cleaner Phosphoric acid based cleaner for foaming external surfaces. Can be used for cleaning tanks, tanks and other equipment, floors, walls, tiles and also for cleaning aluminum molds in the bath. Easily and completely rinsable. Packing: 25kg Safety Data Sheet

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Acidic Foam Cleaner and Disinfectant aluminum molds in the bath and for descaling and cleaning galvanized surfaces). Creates a stable, adhesive foam with excellent detergency performance. Packing: 26kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G12367

HD Plusfoam

Alkaline Smoke Remover. Liquid, strongly alkaline foam cleaner. Used for cleaning cooking and smoking cabinets, but also for cleaning other heavily soiled surfaces in meat, poultry, bakery, etc. Packing: 28kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: 7519439

Hypofoam VF6

Chlorinated Foam Cleaner. Alkaline detergent containing active chlorine disinfectant for foam cleaning. It has excellent foam and chlorine stability and has disinfectant efficiency. Intended for removal of fats, blood and other organic impurities in food processing plants, especially in meat and poultry processing. Packing: 23,4kg Safety Data Sheet

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Palmfoam Plus

Foam Cleaner. Suitable for foam cleaning on heavily soiled surfaces. Can be used to remove tar and smoke resins in smokehouses and grills. Packing: 27kg Safety Data Sheet

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Foam Cleaner. Alkaline foaming agent based on lye with active chlorine for cleaning and washing surfaces in food and agriculture. A solution of the active ingredients in water removes organic impurities. Packing: 23kg | 230kg Safety Data Sheet

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Deprofoam Acid

Acid stable phosphoric acid foam for surface cleaning of floors, walls, tiles, tiles and aluminum forms. Perfectly cleans inorganic impurities and emulsifies organic. For meat and poultry processing plants, parlors, pig halls. Packing: 23kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G11340


Highly efficient alkaline foam cleaner. Powerfoam is an alkaline foam cleaner designed for periodic cleaning and cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces in the food, beverage and dairy industries. Packing: 23kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G12059


Slightly alkaline foam for light metals. Means for daily use for mild to moderate pollution, especially in the food, beverage and dairy industries. Use for foam cleaning, bath immersion cleaning or manually in soft and hard water. Packing: 21,2kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G11479

NP Freefoam

Acidic foam cleaner without P and N. A product intended for daily and periodic cleaning in the food, beverage and dairy industries. It contains a mixture of organic acids, high foaming and humectants. Packing: 23kg Safety Data Sheet

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Depros A

Concentrated alkaline cleaner with active chlorine for parlors, piping systems, robots, cooling tanks and crate washers. Solution of active substances in water. - achieves excellent cleaning effects, especially for organic impurities (oils, fats, proteins) - contains sequestering additives for efficiency even in hard water cleaning ability from 40° C -...

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Depros K

Cleansing and disinfecting of milking equipment, dairy pipes, robots, storage and cooling tanks - concentrated acid non-foaming cleaning agent based on active oxygen phosphoric acid - cleans to a high gloss - removes in particular inorganic deposits (scale and milky stone) - emulsifies fats and proteins - increased washing and cleaning ability from...

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Reference: G12186

Dilac CIP

Acidic cleanser and disinfectant. Dissolves inorganic deposits very well, breaks down organic deposits oxidatively. The disinfectant is based on active oxygen. It is used in the food industry for cleaning by circulation, soaking or spraying, eg for sanitation of tanks, reservoirs, tanks, containers, milk tanks and piping systems. Packing: 25kg Safety Data...

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Reference: 7519408

Divomil RD

Chlorinated alkaline sanitizer with silicates. Divomil RD is a low-foaming, alkaline, chlorine- and silicate-based product suitable for soft water. Used for CIP and other spray applications in the food and beverage industry. Divomil RD is also suitable for manual and dip bath cleaning in meat processing plants and bakery applications. Packing: 24,8kg...

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Reference: G12258

Divostar VC3

CIP Cleaner. A special sequestering additive for CIP cleaning, spray cleaning and bottle washing in the food industry. It easily removes all types of organic impurities, especially fats, proteins, oils, plant extracts, etc. Packing: 20kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G12426


Effective non-fuming acid cleaner for deposits. Strongly acidic nitric acid cleaner for CIP cleaning of tanks, tanks, piping systems, plate heat exchangers, filters, centrifuges and evaporators. Easily penetrates all inorganic deposits such as limescale, milk and beer, and removes them quickly and completely. Packing: 26kg Safety Data Sheet

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Depros FF

Disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium compounds and glutaraldehyde. - fungicidal - bactericidal - virucidal - sporocidal - reliably destroys a wide range of bacteria and fungi - supplied in application concentration to create mist - recommended spray nozzle size 0.8 mm recommended dosing is 2 - 4 l DEPROS FF / 1000 m3 of sanitized area (can be...

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Reference: G11568

Divosan Extra

Highly effective surface disinfectant, KAS base. Final surface disinfectant in the food, beverage and dairy industries. Packing: 20kg Safety Data Sheet

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Divosan Forte

Disinfectant based on 15% peracetic acid. Highly effective disinfectant for use in the food, beverage and dairy industries. Easy to rinse, effective against a wide range of microorganisms, especially for final disinfection. Excellent deodorant and stain removal. Packing: 23kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G10929

Tego 2000

Concentrated disinfectant for surfaces. For surface disinfection in the food and pharmaceutical industries, especially in food processing, beverage, cosmetics, etc. Wide spectrum of efficiency. Packing: 5kg Safety Data Sheet

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Reference: G12246

Divosan Hypochlorite

Active chlorine disinfectant Especially suitable for cold disinfection in all areas of the food industry. Reliably destroys a wide range of microorganisms and suppresses degradation processes, thus preventing odor. Application by spraying, circulation (CIP) or manually. < / p> Packing: 23,6kg Safety Data Sheet

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Excellent rinsing-free ethanol-based disinfection - application best with a syringe without dilution (1: 1 can be used to prevent) or applied with a clean cloth - excellent for gram-positive and gram-negative forms of bacteria and yeasts - disinfection of washable surfaces, equipment and objects in contact with food - disinfection of places where it...

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Alcosan is an alcohol-based disinfectant that also contains small amounts of organic sequestering substances and quaternary ammonium compounds. - recommended especially where water-based disinfectants cannot or are not recommended - works to vegetative forms of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and yeast Packing: 4,8kg Safety Data Sheet

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Palmfoam Acid

Very efficient surface cleaning (can be cleaned and disinfected in one step) Dense, stable PALMFOAM foams Applications - high or low pressure equipment, manual application, immersion - acidic high-performance foam - removes inorganic deposits, (limescale) - emulsifies fats and protein residues Packing: 23kg | 230kg Safety Data Sheet

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