Milking equipment and tanks

The milking parlor is a place that must be disinfected twice a day. Just as the milking equipment is cleaned, the parlor surface must also be cleaned. It is necessary to use a good detergent and to disinfect at least once a week with a broad spectrum product. The milking device must be flushed with an acidic or alkaline product after each use.
We offer a complete system for alternating alkaline and acidic disinfection specially designed for the perfect rinse of modern milking equipment, pipes and cooling tanks for milk and liquid feeding.

Milking equipment and tanks

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Depros A

Concentrated alkaline cleaner with active chlorine for parlors, piping systems, robots, cooling tanks and crate washers. Solution of active substances in water. - achieves excellent cleaning effects, especially for organic impurities (oils, fats, proteins) - contains sequestering additives for efficiency even in hard water cleaning ability from 40° C -...

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Depros K

Cleansing and disinfecting of milking equipment, dairy pipes, robots, storage and cooling tanks - concentrated acid non-foaming cleaning agent based on active oxygen phosphoric acid - cleans to a high gloss - removes in particular inorganic deposits (scale and milky stone) - emulsifies fats and proteins - increased washing and cleaning ability from...

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Divosan Activ

Suitable for agricultural and food sanitation Highly effective peracetic acid disinfectant - effective against a wide range of microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, spores, molds, viruses) - in CIP Cold disinfection, teat cup disinfection Store in original containers at 5 - 25 ° C. Packing: 22kg Safety Data Sheet

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Depros Filterclean

Filter Cleaner - Liquid-based filter cleaner - 1: 1 to 1: 2 dilution - Effective even in cold water - Use time solution within 1 month Packing: 10 l. Safety Data Sheet

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