Deprosan activator


Sodium chlorite product designed to activate Deprosan Palmoxid and Deprosan GreenFoam. Mixing produces chlorine dioxide.

The resulting mixture is intended for the treatment of the mammary gland:

- before milking = Deprosan GreenFoam
- after milking = Deprosan Palmoxid

Safety Data Sheet


Instructions for use:
Deprosan Activator must be mixed with Deprosan Palmoxid or Deprosan GreenFoam before use as follows:
- 1 pack of Deprosan Activator 0.5 kg add to 1 canister of Deprosan Palmoxid or 1 canister of Deprosan GreenFoam 20 kg
- 1 pack of Deprosan Activator 5kg add to 1 barrel of Deprosan Palmoxid or 1 barrel of Deprosan GreenFoam 200kg

The mixture is not diluted before use. Use the prepared mixture within 7 days at the latest.

Do not use with other means.

Read the safety data sheet and label before use.

For professional use only.

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