Hygiene in milk production.

Microbiological cleanliness of production lines plays a key role in milk production and dairy products. In order to guarantee high quality dairy products and long life, it is necessary to regularly increase the level of hygiene at work.

The microorganisms may enter the milk from the inner or outer surfaces of the udder or from the milk processing device. The speed of reproduction is influenced by the cleanliness of the device and the temperature at which the milk is stored.

Milk quality depends on many factors: cow health, compliance with milking technology, quality of milking equipment and milk cooling and storage systems.

We offer an integrated approach to solving milk quality problems:

  • Control of the herd in case of mastitis with identification of the main causes of udder inflammation
  • Selection and implementation of treatment regimens for mastitis and control of their implementation for maximum results
  • Performance analysis of milking machines
  • Developing an individual process for milking cows for each farm, ensuring higher productivity, improving milk quality and reducing the incidence of mastitis herds
  • Selection of the most effective milk hygiene products with regard to mastitis pathogens present in the herd, udder condition and working conditions
  • Milk quality control to reduce the negative impact of milking machines on teat condition
  • Analysis of milking equipment washing quality with identification of key technological process failures
  • Selection of detergents and disinfectants to ensure the best hygienic condition of the milking equipment

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