Depros K


Cleansing and disinfecting of milking equipment, dairy pipes, robots, storage and cooling tanks - concentrated acid non-foaming cleaning agent based on active oxygen phosphoric acid
- cleans to a high gloss
- removes in particular inorganic deposits (scale and milky stone)
- emulsifies fats and proteins
- increased washing and cleaning ability from 40° C
- gentle on rubber and other materials
- good waste water degradable
Used in combination with Depros A

Store in original containers at 5 - 25°.
Do not mix with other means.

Packaging: 25kg 250kg

Safety Data Sheet


Concentrated acid cleaner and disinfectant with hydrogen peroxide.

  • concentrated acid cleaner with active oxygen as a disinfectant component
  • excellent cleaning performance, especially for inorganic and alkaline deposits
  • hydrogen peroxide disinfectant
  • effective especially at 40 - 50° C, cleans to high gloss
  • for cleaning tanks, reservoirs, tanks, containers, milk tanks, piping systems, plastic crates and dishwashers
  • well degradable in waste water

Depros K is a concentrated acidic cleaning and disinfectant for the dairy farming and food industry. It excellently dissolves inorganic deposits, breaks down organic deposits oxidatively. Disinfecting effect is based on active oxygen. It is used for circulation cleaning or spraying. It is well rinsable and non-foaming. The supplier's expert advisor will recommend the optimum concentration on site.

Primary milk production:
Depros K is suitable for the acid cleaning of milking equipment, milk pipes and storage tanks, even in environments with increased water hardness. / Combines with Alkaline Depros A /.

Food industry:
Depros K is suitable for the acid cleaning and disinfection of tanks, reservoirs and containers, milk tanks and piping systems. Also for the removal of inorganic deposits from crate washers and needle meat sprayers

Physical and chemical properties:
pH (1% solution): 2.7
Density: 1.2 g / cm3
Appearance: yellowish liquid < / p>

Phosphoric acid & lt; 20%,
sulfuric acid & lt; 10%,
hydrogen peroxide & lt; 2%

Instructions for use:
Indicative concentration 0.5% (0.3-1% depending on the degree of soiling and water hardness)
Temperature: 40-50° C ( up to 80° C)
Contact time: 15-20 min.
Optimum concentration will be determined by the supplier's expert advisor.

Safety at work:
Causes burns. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor. Rinse affected skin with water. Do not breathe vapors. Wear protective equipment (rubber gloves, goggles).

Effects on surfaces and construction materials:
If the application concentration is maintained, it does not interfere with acid-resistant materials commonly used in agriculture and the food industry.

Store in original containers in a cool place separate from alkalis. Do not freeze.

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